Great Walks of NZ – The Wanganui Journey


The Wanganui Journey is one of the nine Great Walks of New Zealand. It is not actually a walk as it involves a 145km one-way kayak trip down the Wanganui River! There is a shorter trip where you join the journey part way through at Whakaroro and paddle just 87km. You can kayak independently or book on to a trip with one of the many companies that offer organised tours.

Example itinerary:

Day 1 – Taumarunui to Ohinepane, cover 22km in 3 to 5 hours.
Navigate the rapids whilst enjoying the native bush and farmland.

Day 2 – Ohinepane to Whakahoro, cover 35km in 6 to 8 hours.
Kayak through a rich and rugged landscape, take a trip up the Ohura River to the Ohura Falls.

Day 3 – Whakaroro to John Coull Hut, cover 37.5km in 7 to 9 hours.
Waterfalls, a whirlpool and an overhang make this stretch of the river very interesting.

Day 4 – John Coull Hut to Tieke Kainga, cover 29km in 7 to 9 hours.
River meanders through bush covered hills and is joined by the Tangarakau and Whangamomona rivers.

Day 5 – Tieke Kainga to Pipiriki, cover 21.5km in 4 to 6 hours.
This section of the Wanganui river passes through the very scenic gorge of the Manganuioteao River which has flowed down from Mt Ruapehu. Exciting rapids to experience before you reach your journey’s end at Pipiriki village.

Highlights include hundreds of waterfalls, gentle kayaking mixed with exciting rapids. Wildlife to watch and listen for include New Zealand native birds such as kiwi, tui and wood pigeons (kereru) as well as long tailed bats (pekapeka). Take a short break and actually walk to the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ which was put in for access to planned settlements for World War I servicemen that sadly were abandoned.

During walk season you will need to book your space and pay for your hut and campsite fees in advance to secure your place. The official walk season is from 1st October to 30th April when hut and campsite bookings are required. Outside of official season, accommodation is on a first come first served basis and facilities are much more limited. There are two huts, 11 campsites and one basic bunk room along the route operated by the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Remember to consult the DOC website for any walk alerts ( and also follow the guidelines below to ensure your great walk is memorable for positive reasons.

The Outdoor Safety Guide

1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone your plans
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies

NB food and drink are not available for purchase at the Great Walk huts.

Wanganui Journey Safety

Heavy rain and river flooding can occur at anytime due to rainfall further up the catchment or directly on the river so be prepared. Don’t canoe/kayak the route if river in flood or flood conditions are predicted. Pull your canoe high up the bank and tie it securely as river level could rise several metres overnight.

More information on all the great walks and many other walks in New Zealand can be found at on the Doc website where there are PDF’s to download for some of the walks. Before you start your own Wanganui journey spend a night in comfort at the Fiesta Court Motel, one of the best motels in Wanganui. Staying at Wanganui motels allows you to prepare for your 5 days of kayaking and staying in huts or camping with your tent. For details of the Fiesta Court Motel accommodation in Wanganui visit their website at

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Discover The Wanganui Journey as One of The Great Walks of NZ


Have you heard about the beauty of the Wanganui? Do you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Wanganui? Do you want to know more about the Wanganui? If yes, go through this article. In this article, I will offer you all the required information about the Wanganui to make your journey easy and smooth.

Wanganui is located in the New Zealand. It is popular for the Maori history and natural sceneries. If you want to enjoy these natural beauties, you will have to choose either a five-day journey from the Taumarunui to Pipiriki or a shorter journey of three days from Whakahoro. This journey will offer you some wonderful and memorable moments for life. You will enjoy the past cascading waterfalls and the paddle through the deep gorges.

What is the Wanganui Journey?

It is a river journey. You can start this exciting river journey along with the Wanganui River from the north island of the New Zealand traveling by kayak or canoe. As mentioned earlier, it will take either five or three days to end this journey.

Five days traveling is preferred by the travelers. You will have to start your journey from the Taumarunui and it will finish at the Pipirki. This route is controlled by the New Zealand’s Department of the Conversation and it is safe to travel. And this land is the part of the Wanganui National Park. You will find more visitors in this place in the normal weather conditions as the rapid on the river does not exceed grade II in those times.

Preparation for this great journey

If you are planning for the Wanganui journey, you will have to do all prior preparations before heading towards the destination. First, make sure that you are well-equipped for a great walk. Security should be your first concern. As it is a long journey, you should take all the precautions to reach your people whenever you will need their help. Consider the five tips to make your trip safe, secure, and effective.

1. Make your plans much before the starting day. Equip yourself with the right gear and skill and use all the latest facilities and keep a track of the local weather condition.

2. Tell your plan to your family and make sure that they will be able to reach you if you have not returned in the given time.

3. Get information about the local weather. New Zealand weather condition is unpredictable. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for any kind of weather condition.

4. Recognize your strength and weakness. You should not try to do any adventurous thing. Focus on your strength and avoid the things that are not allowed by your physical strength.

5. Take enough supplies. Make sure that you have sufficient food, equipment, clothing, and emergency food for any crisis condition.

You can also get accommodation Wanganui. Wanganui motels offer all the facilities and comforts to make your journey comfortable and easy. If you are looking motels in Wanganui then visit I am truly impressed by their facilities and comforts. And I found it very impressive and planning to spend my next visit in this new and well-equipped motel.

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Exploring the North Island of NZ


New Zealand in general and Wanganui in particular is well known for its natural beauty. It is situated in the North Island of New Zealand and each year it attracts thousands of tourists not only from the country but from across the world. It is the place where the famous Whanganui River meanders its way through. It also is the longest navigable waterway in New Zealand. It runs to the sea from Mount Tongariro to the sea. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the Manawatu-Wanganui Regions. It would be pertinent to mention that Wanganui has become a city only in 1989 and as of now it is run by a District Council.

The city is located some 200 kilometers from north of Wellington City. It is well connected by road and is at the intersection of state highways 3 and 4. A major portion of the city is situated on the northwestern bank because it has more flat land. It is a city with a strong industrial base and it has a fertile and highly successful farming land. Additionally it is known for its scenic beauty and therefore it has some of the finest concentration of Wanganui motels and hotels. They are available in different price ranges to suit specific needs and requirements of customers.

Some Of The Best Cultural Sites To Visit

Since the city of Wanganui is of historical importance, those with a cultural bent of mind would have many reasons to pay a visit to this city. Queens Park is the center of the city and is famous for some of the most ancient buildings and constructions. Whether it is the famous Whanganui Regional Museum or the Sarjeant gallery you can really have a feast of the ancient way of life as far as North Island is concerned. It also houses the famous Davis Library and the highly popular Alexander Heritage and Research Library.

The Wanganui War Memorial Center is also one more place of cultural interest and shows the ancient war history and the sacrifices made by the forefathers of this city. It is also the area to be in for those who are on the lookout for the right motel accommodation Wanganui.

The Sarjeant Gallery in particular is a wonderful place of cultural interest. It has around 5,500 pieces of artwork which belong to the early 19th and 20th century. They are basically of European and British origin. It also would be pertinent to mention that is also has some of the greatest collection of artworks dating back to 16th century to the 18th century. Some of the finest collections of video art, bronze collections, ceramic and glass work can be found here.

The Best Of Sporting Activities

If you are a sport enthusiast then too you have reasons to find this city of interest. Hiring some of the best possible family accommodation Wanganui it would be possible for you to enjoy Rugby, different types and forms of athletics and motor racing.

Wanganui is one of the oldest Rugby unions of New Zealand. It also has some of the finest facilities for athletics and cricket including the famous Cooks Gardens. The Cemetery Circuit is famous for many motor racing events and it also has been instrumental in producing some of the best known names in this sporting arena.

The Best Of Beaches And Other Natural Getaways

If you are one of those who wishes to enjoy the best of beaches and other natural getaways then you must try and spend a few days in this city. You could enjoy the awesome beaches of Wanganui and also the Wanganui River Mouth expeditions with the help of special boats. Additionally you could also try your hand out at fishing in South Mole or stroll along the river road with your family. However, all that would require staying in a decent accommodation and there are quite a few options to choose from.

Things to Keep In Mind

When it comes to choosing the right hotel accommodation in this city there are quite a few points to keep in mind. Since this tourist city attracts people from across the world and in thousands you must start the process of booking the accommodation quite early in the day. You must do your research properly and go through the right due diligence process. You must spend time in selecting the right service provider.

The internet can help in this endeavor because you could get access to many websites which have some of the finest collection of hotels and motels across various budgets and locations. You could look for accommodations which are affordable and suitable for students and others who are on a shoe string budget. On the other hand you also could choose the most luxurious hotels situated in a strategic location offering the best of double rooms with the best of facilities and amenities.

Have A Look At The Testimonials Before Deciding

Given the fact that you will be booking the hotel accommodation online and from a remote corner of the world, it is important for you to have a look at the testimonials of customers before deciding on the booking. There are quite a few networking sites and communities which could help you in this endeavor. You will also be able to get access to information which could help you to get some smart discounts because you are informed and knowledgeable.

The Final Takeaway

We have over the above few lines been able to give a decent insight into the various reasons why it makes sense to visit Wanganui and the other areas of tourist interest in the Northern Part of New Zealand. For any type of hotel accommodation, we strongly feel that getting in touch with us would certainly make a big difference.

Just by logging onto to our website you would be in a position to get a clear picture as to why it would be not a bad idea to choose us. We have rooms and accommodations to suit different tastes and budgets. Our track record has been excellent and we are sure that you will have reasons to feel fully satisfied with the kind of services which we offer to our esteemed customers.

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