Discover The Wanganui Journey as One of The Great Walks of NZ


Have you heard about the beauty of the Wanganui? Do you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Wanganui? Do you want to know more about the Wanganui? If yes, go through this article. In this article, I will offer you all the required information about the Wanganui to make your journey easy and smooth.

Wanganui is located in the New Zealand. It is popular for the Maori history and natural sceneries. If you want to enjoy these natural beauties, you will have to choose either a five-day journey from the Taumarunui to Pipiriki or a shorter journey of three days from Whakahoro. This journey will offer you some wonderful and memorable moments for life. You will enjoy the past cascading waterfalls and the paddle through the deep gorges.

What is the Wanganui Journey?

It is a river journey. You can start this exciting river journey along with the Wanganui River from the north island of the New Zealand traveling by kayak or canoe. As mentioned earlier, it will take either five or three days to end this journey.

Five days traveling is preferred by the travelers. You will have to start your journey from the Taumarunui and it will finish at the Pipirki. This route is controlled by the New Zealand’s Department of the Conversation and it is safe to travel. And this land is the part of the Wanganui National Park. You will find more visitors in this place in the normal weather conditions as the rapid on the river does not exceed grade II in those times.

Preparation for this great journey

If you are planning for the Wanganui journey, you will have to do all prior preparations before heading towards the destination. First, make sure that you are well-equipped for a great walk. Security should be your first concern. As it is a long journey, you should take all the precautions to reach your people whenever you will need their help. Consider the five tips to make your trip safe, secure, and effective.

1. Make your plans much before the starting day. Equip yourself with the right gear and skill and use all the latest facilities and keep a track of the local weather condition.

2. Tell your plan to your family and make sure that they will be able to reach you if you have not returned in the given time.

3. Get information about the local weather. New Zealand weather condition is unpredictable. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for any kind of weather condition.

4. Recognize your strength and weakness. You should not try to do any adventurous thing. Focus on your strength and avoid the things that are not allowed by your physical strength.

5. Take enough supplies. Make sure that you have sufficient food, equipment, clothing, and emergency food for any crisis condition.

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